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Our very own Norman Kaswell was recently featured in Hardwood Floors Magazine. Their April/ May issue follows up with Norm after his guest appearance on their podcast Wood Talk to give a little more insight into his career in the flooring industry. In this blog post, we are highlighting some of our favorite answers so you can hear more from Norm.

For those who are not familiar, Kaswell Flooring Systems was a family business founded back in 1946 by Harold Kaswell. Norm joined the family business in 1971. In his interview he shares, “I was graduating from college, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. My dad asked me if I wanted to jump into his business. After working with him for 10 years, I decided to go beyond the factory floor and get more creative with our end grain, looking at different species of wood and different shapes and sizes, and built a product line in 1980. Today, I don’t think there’s anyone else in the country that does what we do.”

Norman and his son Joshua continue to keep the family tradition alive by servicing end grain, edge grain and block flooring products. Their project portfolio includes a variety of projects ranging from both commercial to residential. When asked what his favorite wood floor project has been, Norm answered the World Trade Center Museum because of its special impact in the United States.

We’re so excited to get to share more about Norm and Kaswell’s history with you. To learn more, be sure to listen to Norm’s episode of Wood Talk and read his full interview.


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