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Since 1946 we at Kaswell Flooring have worked with many companies large and small, including Fortune 100 firms, military, and governmental facilities, to meet their individual flooring requirements.  We have pioneered flooring systems in which form follows function and technology anticipates need.  Consider the conflicting demands placed on industrial flooring.  Both worker and machine must be considered and accommodated.  Industrial flooring must blend strength with comfort, resistance with resilience, to service heavy forklifts as easily as tired feet. 


If your industrial or commercial flooring requirements include strength, durability, energy absorption, sound absorption, and comfort, both our Wood Block and our Fibre[B]lock products are up to the task.  But, for industrial purposes, Fibre[B]lock surpasses its worthy predecessor, and all other challengers for that matter, with revolutionary features that set a new standard.

  • Moisture Resistant:  Fibre[B]locks will neither expand nor contract from changes in humidity. Fibre[B]locks are very resistant to direct wetting as well.

  • The fibrous reinforcing components throughout the block make Fibre[B]lock effective even at 1/2" in thickness. 

  • For commercial application Fibre[B]locks are extremely attractive when sanded smooth, and finished with clear or colored coatings. 

  • For industrial applications Fibre[B]locks can be coated with clear, black or colored coatings.

  • Ecologically sound:  Fibre[B]locks are 100% recycled.                                           

  • Ideal for forklift use and other mechanical transport equipment.

  • Extremely comfortable under foot for long periods.

  • Slip-resistant

  • Energy and Sound-Absorbing.

  • Cuts like wood with conventional saws.

  • Fits tightly together, easy to install, requiring no grout or joint fillers

  • 100% recycled

  • Odor-free.





Individual block face size: 4" x 6" 

Depths from 1/2" to 3"

Fibre [B]lock®II

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