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Wood Blocks have stood the test of time ……and so has Kaswell!

“There was no other use for the buggy whip, but we’ve preserved the tradition of a useful and renewable product, End Grain Blocks of Wood. We’ve exposed the beauty that was always there, and transformed them into the most beautiful wood flooring and exterior pavers available.

Kaswell Flooring Systems is a family-owned and operated business that has specialized in End Grain wood block flooring for over 70 years. Our company began in 1946, and once served only the industrial market. Wood blocks were first used as street pavers, then became the floor of choice for manufacturing areas in companies like GM, Ford, and Caterpillar, and we continue to serve this market with wood and synthetic blocks.

We then preserved the tradition of this time tested useful and reliable wood product. We found beauty and functionality coexisting without compromise. We exposed the beauty of the end grain that was always there.

Our company has evolved into a business that the design world has received with­­­­ much praise, finding our wood block flooring and exterior pavers to be the right fit for building projects of all kinds, from luxury homes, to museums, hotels, schools and restaurants. We believe no other wood product has withstood the test of time, or is more durable and reliable. We enjoy bringing our wood block products to the design world, and our name has become synonymous with End Grain.

Wood block is not a trend; but a time-tested, beautiful, and simple solution that was here hundreds of years ago, and will be here tomorrow. We continue to find and transform it into the most beautiful wood flooring and exterior paving available. With family passion and devotion to our products, we invite you to enter our world, and explore with us the beauty and functionality of Kaswell end grain and edge grain Wood Flooring.

Josh and Norm Kaswell


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