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Some history and knowledge about our Fibre(B)lock Flooring

Since 1946, Kaswell Flooring Systems has worked with many industries, including Fortune 100 firms, military and governmental facilities, and smaller businesses, to meet their individual flooring requirements. We have pioneered flooring systems in which form follows function, and technology anticipates need.

Considering the conflicting demands placed on industrial and commercial flooring, both worker and machine must be considered and accommodated. Industrial flooring surfaces must blend strength with comfort, resistance with resilience, to service heavy forklifts as easily as fragile feet. From the beginning, Kaswell Flooring Systems has responded to customers' needs with innovative unit-type industrial wood block, and Fibre(B)lock composite block flooring.

Waste materials have always been accepted as part of a manufacturing process. However, as concern for our environment has mandated the need to recycle resources, industries continue to innovate solutions, sometimes with unforeseen benefits. Our Fibre(B)lock flooring is an impressive result of such innovation. Waste generated from the manufacture of wood and plastic products are extruded together into log-shaped lengths. We purchase these logs, then cut them into blocks to create an advanced concept in unit type industrial flooring. A block flooring product was born with near the wearing qualities of our tough, durable, and long lasting End Grain Wood Block, but without the same susceptibility to damage from moisture. And, Fibre(b)locks provide the comfort and resilience the polymer block and other stone like products lack.

And so, if your flooring requirements include strength, durability, energy absorption, sound absorption, and comfort, both Wood Block and Fibre(B)lock are up to the task. But, our Fibre(B)lock surpasses its worthy predecessor, and all other challengers for that matter, with revolutionary features that will set the standard for years to come. Fibre(B)locks are not adversely affected by humidity. Since Fiber(B)locks fit tightly together, there is no need for grout or joint fillers. The fibrous reinforcing component throughout makes Fibre(B)lock effective to even ½” in thickness.

To learn more about Kaswell Flooring Systems and our products, be sure to check out our other blog posts.

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