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Some frequently asked questions:

  1. Do you know some installers in my area?

Of course, it depends on where you are. Please let us know your location and we would be more than happy to help you find an installer. We would do our very best to help you, and help your installer.

2. What thickness does it come in.

This is a fantastic question but has many different answers. This will depend on the specie and format of the blocks. For example, our 7’ long engineered white oak end grain plank product, a popular choice, is 5/8” depth, Most of our offerings are ¾” depth. Some blocks can be ½” depth. Would be happy to discuss our specie and format offerings with you, with block thickness recommendation for your preferred specie.

3. Do we offer anything prefinished.

Yes we do! Our 5/8” depth engineered end grain planks can be prefinished. All our Strip Block choices can be provided prefinished as well. All individual blocks, whether made from new or reclaimed species, such as mesquite, white oak, and pine, all are provided as individual blocks, and must be site finished. However, our new panels can be pre-sanded and ready for you to site finish.

If you wish to discuss or would like more information on any of the above please contact us, we are more than happy to help advise or discuss any of our products.

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