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End grain blocks on a tongue and grooved engineered plank? No way! If we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes we’d have said it couldn’t be done. But it has been done, and the Germans did it! Slicing 4 mls from a white oak log, drying it properly, and then gluing it to plywood can’t be easy, but it is being done every day.

Our engineered end grain planks are much more stable than individual end grain white oak blocks. The end grain oak on the plank surface delivers factory sanded to 80 grit. Because it is a long board product it can also be pre-finished. Since the end grain on the engineered plank surface is thin, only approximately 4 mils, the oak plank cannot be re-sanded and (therefore) cannot be re-finished as many times as a full depth (usually ¾” depth) white oak block. A full ¾” depth white oak block can be re-sanded and re-finished many many times, but the block is not as stable as the engineered plank. Engineered end grain is ideal for furniture, bar tops, walls, and ceilings.

We have these blocks available in two options including 7’ long planks, 7” wide, with 7” x 7” squares and 3.33” wide, with 3.33” x 7” rectangles of white oak on the surface and 7’ long planks, 3.33” wide, with 3.33” x 7” rectangles of white oak on the surface. In regards to the rectangle blocks, all 12 blocks on the plank show the pith of the tree, while the square blocks only half of them show the pith of the tree.

We love the versatility these engineered end grain blocks offer a space. Depending on the need of your project, this product can be prefinished then cut into individual blocks and then mounted on walls or ceilings.

To learn more about this product, ask for our binder… It's pretty special!


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