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All About Mesquite

Mesquite stands out as an exceptionally exquisite and durable hardwood, making it a prime choice for End-Grain Block Flooring. Renowned for its remarkable stability, Mesquite has earned its place as one of the top options available. Our selection includes squares, rectangles, and hexagons measuring at least 1/2" in depth, while rounds range between 2" and 8" in diameter. Given its exceptional stability, we exclusively offer Mesquite in a round profile, which produces a truly breathtaking effect, especially when paired with vibrant grout colors.

The beauty of Mesquite lies in its warm red and tan tones, accompanied by an enchanting swirling grain pattern that effortlessly enhances any room's aesthetic appeal. To source our Mesquite wood, we collaborate with suppliers who acquire it from farmers or ranchers clearing their land. Without our involvement or that of our suppliers, these Mesquite trees risk rotting away or being burned. It's important to note that Mesquite isn't cultivated or harvested for commercial purposes; rather, it grows wildly and spreads through animal droppings.

Mesquite boasts a distinctive grain structure, characterized by closed, irregular pores that contribute to its captivating swirling pattern. Its unique personality is further enhanced by occasional character defects, such as ingrown bark and mineral streaks, resulting in a grain that is both visually striking and pleasantly unpredictable. The end cuts of Mesquite showcase small, irregular cracks that radiate across the grain. It's worth mentioning that these cracks, known as season checks, are a natural occurrence and should not be considered defects.

In terms of stability, Mesquite defies conventional expectations. Unlike many other woods, Mesquite does not shrink as it ages, as it has evolved to survive in arid desert climates with unpredictable water supplies. Its volumetric shrinkage percentage ranks among the lowest for hardwoods, granting us the freedom to fill spaces between rounds with tile grout. With the confidence that Mesquite won't distort or shrink after being cut to precise dimensions, we can deliver blocks that meet close tolerances and ensure lasting quality.


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