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Bronx Children's Museum
Bronx, NY

Engineered End Grain Oak Plank


For over 75 years Kaswell Flooring has specialized in end grain flooring. We continue to work closely with the design profession to develop new products and utilize new species to achieve dramatic effects with our block flooring products.


Kaswell Flooring Systems is a family-owned and operated business, specializing in end-grain wood block flooring for over 75 years. Harold Kaswell founded the business and established strong roots in the industrial sector with wood block flooring products and installation services. In 1971 Harold was joined by his son Norman, who sought diversification through the development of applications for end grain blocks beyond the factory floor. Norman and son Joshua have expanded to serve the upscale commercial and residential markets with premium design end grain, edge grain, more




Here at Kaswell, we believe that flooring is what brings a space together. That’s exactly what happened with our End Grain Mesquite floors that were installed at Sotto, an upscale restaurant in Washington D.C., known for its smoked meats, house-made sausages, and craft cocktails. Located on 14th Street NW below Ghibellina’s, Sotto is quickly becoming a D.C. hot-spot for live music and a good time, thanks more

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