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Did you know that our wood is in a number of different locations around the world? Some of the countries include Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai, England, Mexico, Italy and the list goes on.

In this blog post, we’re sharing some of our wood products and where they have been installed around the world.

  1. Sydney, Australia | White Oak

Barangaroo (picture attached), Sydney Australia, this International Tower is a commercial skyscraper complex. The complex comprises three main office towers; Tower 1 at 217 metres, Tower 2 at 178 metres, and Tower 3 at 168 metres. Construction on the towers began in 2013 before completion in mid 2016. Our White Oak was installed throughout the lift area. We are very proud to have been involved in such an amazing building project. If you ever get a chance to go to Sydney Australia I highly recommend a visit to the amazing tower.

  1. Melbourne, Victoria | Engineered End Grain

Our Engineered End Grain traveled the waters to Melbourne, Victoria where it will be installed in a new restaurant. I can’t wait to see how this floor looks installed and will share pictures when they become available.

  1. Japan | Exterior Black Locust and Mesquite End Grain

We have also had the pleasure of sending our Wood to Japan for an install into a private residence. Our Exterior Black Locust was installed on the veranda and our (wood floor strip block on the inside). This turned out to be a fantastic project and you will see from the pictures that it looks absolutely amazing.

Currently, we are in the process of sending our Mesquite End Grain to another location in Japan where it will be installed in a restaurant. I look forward to sharing the completed pictures when this project is finished.

  1. Europe | Mesquite End Grain, Kaswell Oak, Reclaimed White Oak

Europe has also been a popular place for Kaswell products. Our Mesquite end grain was installed in a high end restaurant in London and Kaswell Oak has been installed in the Paul Smith Store in both London and Paris. Not to mention, our Reclaimed White Oak can be found in the Stella McCartney shops in Florence, Italy, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

  1. Mexico | Reclaimed White Oak

Our Reclaimed White Oak is in the process of being laid at US Embassy Mexico, where it has been commented that it will be a feature of the Embassy. We are extremely excited to see the completed pictures for this amazing project.

  1. Dubai | Mesquite End Grain

You will see that alot of our Mesquite end grain has gone into restaurants and this also included the Nobu Restaurant Dubai UAE.

The list goes on…call or message if you would like to hear more about any of the above jobs or if you wish to learn more about installing our flooring in a project not in the US.


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